animals australia - live export rally 2012

When Animals Australia exposed the conditions that Australian cattle were being shipped off to, the whole nation stopped. Their campaign to ban live export ran on the front pages of every newspaper and changed the landscape for animal issues in Australia forever.

A year on from their landmark campaign, Animals Australia asked Fair Projects to document their nation-wide 2012 rallies. The message of those involved was clear - "We won't vote for a part that supports live export."

This video reviewed the nation-wide protests organised by Animals Australia.

The huge turnout ensured that the mainstream media covered & relayed the cries of the people to audiences at home. Fair Projects' job was to create content that would encourage Animal Australia's supporters to continue their action past the rally day, as part of their ongoing campaign to pressure incoming governments to ban the controversial live export trade with overseas countries.

The video & photos that Fair Projects took from the Melbourne rally were immediately distributed via Animals Australia's social media networks. With millions of potential-supporters hearing about the issue for the first time through the mainstream media, having this content live & online helped re-affirm their message to their audience, as well as showing the huge turnout that the rallies generated.

Today, Animals Australia continues their 'Ban Live Export' campaign, continuing to document & expose the conditions that the Australian Government sends their livestock into.


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