animals australia - make it possible

'Make it Possible' is the most ambitious campaign that Animals Australia has ever undertaken, and may very well be the largest campaign ever in raising awareness about the conditions and practices that exist as a result of industrialized farming practices, which is more commonly known as 'factory farming'.

Fair Projects put together a series of three videos for the campaign to explain 'What is factory farming?', and what that term means for industrialised farmed pigs, chickens and hens.

The 'What is Factory Farming' page on the Make It Possible website.

The three videos that Fair Projects produced - using original as well as archival footage - became one element of the huge campaign put together by Animals Australia. They were produced in order to introduce those who were unfamiliar with the term 'factory farming', and in them we outlined the conditions that pigs, meat chickens, and battery hens suffer through every day of every year throughout the world.


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