In 2012, with the UK outlawing the use of the 'Battery Cage', Animals Australia teamed up with popular Australian musician Missy Higgins to raise awareness of the Australian Governments refusal to follow in footsteps of the English.

The first step for Fair Projects was to meet with Missy and Animals Australia campaign leader, Lyn White. Their plan was produce a radio advertisement, which they would then crowd-fund in order to get the ad on air. As part of their campaign, they had us produce this video, which would encourage people to contribute towards the campaign.

The fundraising video produced for the radio advertisement.

Animals Australia felt that it was important to illustrate the unique characteristics of chickens, so we visited 'Edgars Mission' farm sanctuary in Melbourne, Australia along with Missy & Lyn in order to film some hens that were lucky enough to have been saved from battery cages.

Missy & Pam Ahern of Edgars Mission play with some lucky hens.
Missy Higgins & a happy hen at Edgars Mission, Melbourne.

Upon completion, the video served as the center point of Animal Australia's crowd-funding campaign, which was hosted on a campaign specific micro site. Here, supporters could easily donate towards getting the radio ad on air.

The campaign micro-site, featuring the video.

The 'Have a heart for hens' campaign was a great success for Animals Australia, allowing them to get Missy's ad onto the airwaves around Australia. In turn, this educated the Australian public about the conditions in which Australia continues to confine their egg-producing chickens, as well as asking them the question, "Is this what you really want?".


To find out about more about Animals Australia, visit their website by clicking here.