After 25 years of facing the duck hunters of Victoria, Australia, The Coalition Against Duck Shooting (CADS), led by Laurie Levy, returned to the waters of Lake Buloke in March of 2011 to protest the start of the annual duck hunting season. 

Fair Projects' ventured onto the battlefields of the wetlands alongside volunteers from all across Australia whose role it was to document the hunt, as well as offering medical assistance to injured wildlife. Over the course of the weekend we documented their efforts through photography & video in order to provide CADS with visual assets to help communicate their primary campaign.


The video reviewing the opening weekend of the 2011 duck hunting season.


Banned in 4 out of Australia's 6 states, the annual Victorian duck hunt is a controversial activity. The work of the Coalition Against Duck Shooting receives mainstream media attention each year, as the stakes are high for the activists that put their bodies in between the hunters & their target. The role of Fair Projects was to assist CADS in highlighting what they view as being the major issues pertaining to the hunt through a strategised communications strategy that would be distributed to their supporters online via their website, as well as through social media.

A hunter enters the wetlands as the sun rises over Lake Buloke.

A dead Pacific Black duck hangs from a hunters belt.


A collection of discarded duck corpses, ammunition, & litter left on the wetlands following the 2011 opening weekend.


Throughout 2011, The Coalition Against Duck Shooting was able to utilise the media produced by Fair Projects to assist in fundraising for their 2012 campaign, as well as communicating their message to a whole new audience of volunteers who would go on to join them on the wetlands the following year. 


To find out about more about the Coalition Against Duck Shooting, visit their website by clicking here.