For the second year in a row, Fair Projects joined the Coalition Against Duck Shooting as they confronted hunters on the wetlands of Victoria, Australia. Due to the large amount of media coverage around their 2011 campaign, tensions were high for the opening weekend of the 2012 hunt.

There was a large police presence for the opening weekend of the 2012 hunt.
One of many CAD'S volunteers who came to assist injured birds, seen here caring for a shot Pink Eared Duck.

With an increased police presence, and with the high possibility of confrontation between hunters & rescuers, Fair Project's main role was to produce content for a campaign-specific website which we managed from the front lines of the wetlands. Through the website we were able to provide live updates from the wetlands, as well as directing the audience to a petition set up by CADS in order to apply pressure on the local government to end the hunt.

Raw footage from the opening weekend of the 2012 duck hunting season.

Over the opening weekend we were able to document a large amount of hunter aggression towards rescuers, illegal acts of hunting, & the illegal killing of several protected species of native waterbirds.


To find out about more about the Coalition Against Duck Shooting, visit their website by clicking here.