In 2014, Fair Projects travelled to Corrientes in the North of Argentina to meet with Doug & Kris Tompkins - the founders of the Conservation Land Trust. The Conservation Land Trust privately owns 700,00 acres of land in Argentina, which they have purchased for conservation and eventual donation to the national or provincial governments in order to create new or expand upon already existing national parks.

Regarded to some around the world as pioneers of the modern environmental movement, Doug & Kris opened their doors to Fair Projects & showed their projects throughout Argentina & Chile.

Kris & Doug Tompkins at work at Rincón del Socorro.

With such a large scale of work, Fair Projects first decided to assist The Conservation Land Trust by focusing on their project in the Iberá region of the North of Argentina. This large wetland area covers more than 3.2 million acres of grasslands & marsh, and is home to a huge amount of wildlife.

The Conservation Land Trust purchased more than 400,000 acres land that had previously been used for farming in order to restore it back to a more natural state. In response, native wildlife has returned to their land and flourished.


The video & photographs that Fair Projects produced have assisted The Conservation Land in highlighting their work in Iberá as they continue to work on gaining National Park status for the region. 

Some of the sights Fair Projects saw whilst in Argentina.


To find out more about The Conservation Land Trust's work in Argentina, visit their website by clicking here.