In 2017, we teamed up with Companions Not Commodities (CNC) and developed a media strategy with them regarding a grant they had received for a billboard to be erected on one of Melbourne's busiest streets.

The plan was to tell the story of Phoenix - a Greyhound that was rescued from racing and adopted into a loving home. 

First, we photographed Phoenix for the billboard.

The Fair Projects team photographing Phoenix in our studio in Melbourne, Australia.
The final image chosen to be used for the billboard.
The billboard on the corner of Hoddle and Roseneath Street, Melbourne, Australia.

The billboard was erected on Tuesday, the 13th of June on the corner of Hoddle and Roseneath Street, with the message encouraging commuters and passers-by to find out more about Phoenix and her story.

The video, which sits on the homepage of

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To find out more about the Companions Not Commodities click here.