coalition for the protection of racehorses - wastage

Having worked with the Coalition For The Protection of Racehorses (CPR) throughout 2011 & 2012 on their Jumps Racing campaign, Fair Projects was asked to work with them on an issue that they felt was going to send shockwaves throughout the racing industry & the Australian public : Wastage.

Wastage refers to the killing of horses that are bred for the racing industry and either never make it to the racetrack, or are no longer deemed competitive, and in 2012, when Fair Projects produced CPR's 'Wastage' video, records showed that 12,000 horses were being killed annually after being deemed financially un-viable for their owners.


Fair Projects utilised archival footage alongside new footage to produce a video that would explain & illustrate the issue. We then worked with CPR to present the video to various journalists & mainstream news stations in order to offer them an opportunity to report on the issue prior to the online release of the video. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation took an interest in the video & agreed to work with CRP on the issue.

In November of 2012, 'The 7:30 Report' - a primetime Australian news outlet - aired their story 'What happens to failed Racehorses', which exposed the issue of Wastage to the Australian public. Over the following months, the issue was featured heavily on the news, helping CPR secure their status as authority figures in the field of horse welfare, as well as increasing their supporter base greatly. 


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