'Operation Icefish 2' - Documenting Sea Shepherd shut down illegal fishing in Antarctica

In December of 2014, Sea Shepherd launched their first campaign to tackle illegal fishing operations in Antarctica. Named ‘Operation Icefish’, the campaign resulted in the shutting down of four of the six illegal Toothfish poaching vessels, known as the ‘Bandit 6’. In January of 2016, the Steve Irwin departed Fremantle, Australia as part of ‘Operation Icefish 2’, with the aim of ending the careers of the final two poaching vessels.

The crew of the 'M/Y Steve Irwin' for Operation Icefish 2.

Fair Projects role was to plan, produce, and distribute Sea Shepherd’s messaging throughout the campaign, from sea, whilst also keeping Sea Shepherds supporters up to speed on all the action through their various social media channels. 

The 'Operation Icefish 2' campaign launch video.

The two targets of the Steve Irwin were the Toothfish poaching vessels ‘The Kunlun’ and ‘The Viking’. Both vessels had an outstanding INTERPOL arrest warrant out for them, having evaded arrest in various ports over the years. The role of the Steve Irwin was to locate these vessels, document their illegal activity, report their position to the relevant authorities and track them back to port in order to assure their arrest. 

On the 9th of February, 2016 news reached the crew of the Steve Irwin that The Kunlun had been arrested and detained in Africa. This news allowed Sea Shepherd to re-focus all of their efforts on locating The Viking.


Between the months of January to February, Siddharth Chakravarty, captain of the Steve Irwin, tracked the movements of The Viking throughout the Indian Ocean all the way into Indonesian waters, where on the 26th of February the Indonesian Navy arrested the Toothfish poaching vessel.

Following this, on the 14th of March, Indonesian Fisheries Minister Susi Pudijiastuti oversaw the demolition of The Viking, bringing an end to the career of the last remaining Toothfish poaching vessel.

The review video, outlining the success of both Icefish campaigns.

‘Operation Icefish’ will go down as one of the most ambitious and successful marine conservation campaigns in history, with Sea Shepherd effectively bringing an end to illegal fishing in Antarctica.

Fair Projects role in telling the story of the campaign resulted in the production of six videos, as well as daily photographic updates from sea through social media and Sea Shepherd’s campaign website.  


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