Australian Government Whaling Footage - Sea Shepherd

In 2008, the Australian Government sent their customs vessel, the M/V Oceanic Viking, to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to document the illegal operations of the Japanese whaling fleet. The footage that they captured was hidden from the public eye until 2017, when Sea Shepherd obtained the raw media through a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request.

The short video, shared through Sea Shepherds social media channels to encourage people to the website.

Fair Projects worked with Sea Shepherd over several months to plan and produce a media package which included 2 videos and a website which would host the media, as well as providing a historical and political context for the project. 

The longer video, which outlines the entire communication strategy of the project.

The project was launched on Tuesday, the 28th of November, and received mainstream media coverage as well as a large online response.

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