OCean alliance - 'SNOT BOT'

In 2014, Fair Projects worked together with Ocean Alliance to aid them in their fundraising for developing drones for whale research. 

The potential for drones to collect data on marine mammals (without effecting the animals behaviour) is enormous, with Ocean Alliance believing that they are the ultimate benign research tools. Over the last 3 years Ocean Alliance have been developing whale drones with Olin College of Engineering, and in 2014 Fair Projects documented the initial tests for their 'Snot Bot' program. 


Fair Projects produced this video for Ocean Alliance to aid them in their fundraising to develop the 'Snot Bot' for whale research, which was distributed online through Ocean Alliance's channels, as well as assisting in the creation of a successful crowd-funding campaign which would later fund the first snot bot campaign.

Whilst aboard the RV Odyssey in the Gulf of Mexico, Fair Projects also produced photographic content that enabled Ocean Alliance to continue to update their supporters and donors as the initial tests began.

The above images show when a selection of students from the Olin College of Engineering joined the Odyssey, and together with Ocean Alliance developed a drone that was able to fly over a whale and collect saliva samples from their exhalation. They also developed a "surrogate whale" out of a kayak which could measure the potential sound and wind speed as experienced by a 'whale'.

Following these initial tests, Ocean Alliance developed the world's first 'Snot Bot', and through a kickstarter campaign they successfully fundraised for their landmark 2015/2016 expeditions in Patagonia, Frederick Sound and the Sea of Cortez. 


To find out more about the 'Snot Bot' project, visit the website by clicking here.

To find out more about Ocean Alliance, visit their website by clicking here.