Sea Shepherd & Ocean Alliance - operation toxic gulf

Operation Toxic Gulf was a collaborative campaign between Sea Shepherd and Ocean Alliance. The collaboration spanned over two summers of field work on the 93ft research vessel, The Odyssey, with the aim of studying the toxicological effects of the 2010 BP oil blowout and it's subsequent 'clean-up' on the Gulf of Mexico sperm whale population. This work formed the last two years of Ocean Alliance's five year study in The Gulf of Mexico. 

In June to August of 2013 and 2014 Fair Projects was sent by Sea Shepherd to carry out a strategic communication plan for Operation Toxic Gulf with the aim to increase the public awareness of this important work.


Whilst sailing aboard The Odyssey, Fair Projects produced all video & photographic content for the campaign, as well as working with Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd on the campaign communication strategy and distribution strategy of all media. All media content was produced with the intent of increasing awareness about the work that Ocean Alliance had been conducting for the previous three years, as well as explaining the issues surrounding the BP oil spill and it's lasting impacts on the marine ecosystem.

A 'Meet The Crew' video
A video explaining research techniques.

Other video projects included a series of 'Meet The Crew' videos that introduced supporters to the volunteers of scientists and activists who sailed aboard the Odyssey, as well as various wildlife videos that either highlighted unique characteristics of species within the Gulf Of Mexico, or the techniques used by Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd to study these creatures.

As well as videos, part of the communication strategy was to distribute images through the social media channels of both Sea Shepherd and Ocean Alliance, as well as providing photographs to the mainstream media. 

Fair Projects produced and distributed all the visual media content for this two year campaign and put an unprecedented spotlight on this important work.


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