Ocean Alliance

"Ocean Alliance was founded in 1971 by biologist Roger Payne. Led by Dr. Payne and CEO, Iain Kerr, Ocean Alliance collects a broad spectrum of data on whales and ocean life relating particularly to toxicology, behaviour, bioacoustics, and genetics. 
Ocean Alliance is concerned with the conservation of whales and all sea life, as well as human impacts on the marine environment. Through the Ocean Alliance program the Voyage of the Odyssey, we were able to focus on measuring the concentrations of synthetic contaminants that adversely affect the world’s oceans and its marine species."

Fair Projects first worked with Ocean Alliance in 2013 and 2014 for their Operation Toxic Gulf campaigns and during this time also assisted with their general communications and aided in fundraising during the development of 'Snot Bot'.

operation toxic gulf

'snot bot'


To find out more about Ocean Alliance, visit their website by clicking here.