orca research trust - an introduction

Fair Projects first worked with the Orca Research Trust & Dr. Ingrid Visser in 2012, when we gathered all of the groups archival footage & compiled it all into a video reviewing the work that Dr. Visser has been doing for the New Zealand Orca since 1992.


The video provided the Orca Research Trust with a single piece of media that communicates the wide variety of work that the group has carried out over the years, enabling Dr. Visser to educate new audiences whilst raising funds at the same time. 

Dr. Visser aboard her small boat, in New Zealand.
Photographs of Pelagic Bottlenose Dolphins and Short-Finned Pilot Whales.

In 2015 we joined Dr. Visser aboard her vessel & photographed Pelagic Bottlenose Dolphins & Pilot Whales for use in her fin I.D program. These photos, as well as the footage that was gathered, allows Dr. Visser to gain an understanding as to the migration patterns & behaviours of these cetaceans.


To find out more about the Orca Research Trust, visit their website by clicking here.