sailfuture - sail for justice

In 2015, SailFuture launched their 'Sail For Justice' campaign, which would be the groups most ambitious project to date. Eight youth who were either incarcerated or were at high-risk of imprisonment were selected from all across the United States to join the project and learn to sail the organisations 65' racing sailboat named 'Defy The Odds'.

Fair Projects joined SailFuture to document the two month long campaign, providing photographs & short-form video content for the organisation that was shared with its supporters online throughout the trip.

Ridge, Nathaniel, Nigel, Tyler, Dee, Pluto, Gavin and Darius were the selected crew for the program.

The beginning of the project saw Fair Projects film in Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago, South Dakota and Boston as we filmed each participant in their home town in order to find out who they were, where they were from and how the felt about the upcoming project. The filming from this time allowed us to produce a series of 'Student Spotlight' videos, which were hosted on the SailFuture website and shared with supports and donors.


The third video in the web-series Fair Projects created for the Sail For Justice campaign.

As the team moved from the U.S to London, Spain, The Canary Islands and Morocco, Fair Projects filmed the experiences and events that made up the participants journey. We produced a web-based video series in which an episode was released fortnightly through the new SailFuture website, which Fair Projects created for the organisation.


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