Sea Shepherd - operation apex harmony

In 2013 the Western Australian Government announced that they would be conducting a shark cull from the end of the year into early 2014 off of Perth's most popular swimming beaches. Announced as a safety measure to protect people from potential Great White shark attacks, the programme saw  72 baited hooks set off the coast of Perth, with the intent to catch & kill Great White, Bull, & Tiger Sharks. Any shark caught that was over 3 meters would be killed, whilst sharks under 3 meters would be released.

In opposition to the shark cull Sea Shepherd launched 'Operation Apex Harmony'. Fair Projects worked from aboard Sea Shepherd's small boat 'Bruce The Rib', from which we documented, edited, and distributed content hours after being filmed in order to expose the activities of the Western Australian government to the wider world.


Sea Shepherd, along with a large majority of the Perth community, cited many concerns regarding the operations of the Shark Cull. Sea Shepherd's at-sea actions focused on documenting the activities of the Fisheries department, who were responsible for baiting & retrieving the drumlines each day, as well as un-hooking or killing hooked sharks. Sea Shepherds role was to ensure that Fisheries were conducting their job legally & to assist any  sharks that were released in an injured state.

One of the 2 WA Fisheries vessels that carried out the drumline inspections off of Perth.
WA Fisheries employees attempt to remove a hooked juvenile Tiger Shark from a drumline.

Fair Projects gathered photographic & video evidence of Fisheries activities over a month & a half. This media was distributed through Sea Shepherds online channels, as well as being passed on to mainstream media outlets who reported on the activity throughout the entire cull.

A Fisheries worker with a recently killed Tiger Shark that was shot in the head 5 times. 
A Sea Shepherd crew-member rests 30 meters down after the Tiger Sharks body was dumped at sea.

At the end of April the drumlines were pulled from the water, concluding the Western Australian Shark Cull. At this time, Fair Projects got off the water and back onto land in order to conduct interviews with scientists, politicians, activists, and members of public in order to produce a short documentary that reviewed the campaign. Upon completion, Sea Shepherd screened this documentary throughout Australia in order to raise funds & awareness about their ongoing shark campaign.


The completed documentary, reviewing the entire Shark Cull campaign.


The pressure mounted on the Western Australian Government throughout the Shark Cull, as well as a finding from the Western Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) forced the Western Australian Government to announce in late 2013 that they would not be continuing the cull in 2014.


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