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At the beginning of August, 2012, Fair Projects set sail aboard the Steve Irwin - the flagship of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - as it traveled half way around Australia to descend upon Walmadan (also known as James Price Point) in Western Australia – the site of the worlds largest Humpback Whale nursery in order to oppose the proposed construction of Woodside's gas processing plant.

Fair Projects was brought aboard to run Sea Shepherds media and communications department for the campaign. Our job was to show the people of the world this unique part of Australia and the work that Sea Shepherd was doing to protect it. Over the course of the campaign we produced several short update videos as well as photographs communicating the campaign as it was occurring, as well as producing a mid-length documentary upon completion of the campaign.

The documentary produced by Fair Projects for Sea Shepherd.

As the main body of work compiled completed by Fair Projects for the campaign, the documentary was used by Sea Shepherd in multiple ways. Firstly, it was screened exclusively to politicians in order to encourage them to lend their voice to the protection of the area. Secondly, fundraising screenings were organised in cinemas around Australia to show the general public the beauty of the Kimberley and to educate them on the issues surrounding the proposed development. Finally, the film was distributed for free online through Sea Shepherds online networks, as well as being entered into various environmental film festivals. 

Campaign leaders Jeff Hansen & Bob Brown.

The coastline of Walmadan, in Western Australia.

Over the two weeks that the Steve Irwin was off the coast of Walmadan, various media, politicians, celebrities and local activists came aboard the vessel to experience the area from the sea. Through visual media, Fair Projects Sea Shepherd in shining a spotlight on this special area of earth in order to inspire the wider Australian public to stand up for the Kimberley and help protect it from industrial development. 

Sea Shepherds presence in the Kimberley assisted in gaining widespread attention for the region, and in 2013 it was announced that the controversial $45 billion project would not be proceeding, marking a huge victory for the modern environmental movement. 


To find out more about Sea Shepherd Australia, visit their website by clicking here.