sea shepherd NEW ZEALAND - operation PAHU

In 2017 Sea Shepherd New Zealand launched their first ever at-sea campaign, 'Operation Pahu'. The campaign aims to protect New Zealand's endemic dolphin, the Pahu (commonly called 'Hector's Dolphin').

Fair Projects travelled to Dunedin, New Zealand, in June of 2017 to produce a video that would accompany the announcement of the campaign, which you can see, below.

The launch video for 'Operation Pahu', filmed in Dunedin in 2017.

Whilst in Dunedin we interviewed members of the community as well as scientists and government officials in order to gain the greatest understanding as to what is needed to protect these dolphins, whose numbers have declined more than 80% in the last 50 years.

We also got to take Sea Shepherd New Zealand's first vessel, the 'Loki' out for a spin.

The Sea Shepherd New Zealand team with Brendan Flack (far right) from the Puketeraki Marae.
The 'Loki' - Sea Shepherd New Zealand's patrol vessel.

Upon completion of the video, we also created the campaign website for Sea Shepherd New Zealand, which will serve as a platform for the group to update their supporters as the campaign continues.

A few screen-shots from the website. Click here to see it.


To find out more about Operation Pahu, visit their website by clicking here.