Sea Shepherd - operation zero tolerance

Having journeyed to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary for the last 8 years, 'Operation Zero Tolerance' was announced as Sea Shepherds 9th Antarctic Whale Defence in early 2012. In sending 4 ships to confront the Japanese Whaling Fleet, Operation Zero Tolerance marked the biggest campaign in Sea Shepherds history.

Having worked aboard the Steve Irwin in early 2012 for 'Operation Kimberley Miinimbi', Fair Projects was asked to join the ship over the Austral Summer and serve the newly created role of internal media & communications. Fair Projects would be responsible for the production of all of Sea Shepherds video productions during the campaign, as well as being the two official photographers aboard the Steve Irwin.

The entire Sea Shepherd fleet for Operation Zero Tolerance - their biggest campaign to date.
Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson, who joined the Steve Irwin despite being on the run from INTERPOL.

The content created by Fair Projects was shared online & distributed to mainstream media outlets, and we oversaw the production & development of a new series of videos entitled 'Meet The Crew', in which we made a short video interviewing each Steve Irwin crew member, allowing them to share their journey with Sea Shepherd supporters.

With the expansion of Sea Shepherds support base extending globally, we worked with crew members who joined the Steve Irwin from countries where English was not their first language to produce Meet The Crew videos in their native tongue, which would allow local media to pick up on their story and distribute it to a potential new audience.

As well as sharing the stories of the crew aboard the Steve Irwin and communicating Sea Shepherds messaging, it was also Fair Projects role to document and present photographs of Antarctica and its wildlife. As one of the last remaining wilderness areas on the planet, Antarctica serves as a key point of Sea Shepherds mission, as they continue to defend, conserve, and protect the great continent.

The campaign came to a dramatic head on the 20th of January, 2013, when the Steve Irwin, Bob Barker, and Sam Simon converged on the entire Japanese Whaling Fleet, as well as their refuelling vessel, the Sun Laurel. Sea Shepherds strategy was to prevent the Nisshin Maru - which was desperate for fuel - from refuelling. In response to this strategy, the whaling fleet first attempted to intimidate the Sea Shepherd vessels away from the Sun Laurel in order to allow the Nisshin Maru to move into position. When this did not work, the Nisshin Maru decided to use its size to hit & move the Sea Shepherd vessels out of position.

Footage and photos of these events made front page news around the world, forcing the Japanese Government to abandon their 2012-2013 whale hunt program nearly a month early. Ultimately, the whaling fleet would return home 932 whales short of their quota of 1035 whales - their worst season ever. 

The promotional video for Sea Shepherds 2013-2014 Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign, 'Operation Relentless', which reviewed the events of 'Operation Zero Tolerance'.

Upon returning from the campaign, Fair Projects took on a full time position with Sea Shepherd to assist them with their fundraising efforts for their 2013-2014 Antarctic Whale Defence campaign, which would later be named 'Operation Relentless'. The widespread exposure generated from the events and success of Operation Zero Tolerance enabled Sea Shepherd to communicate with a larger audience than ever before. 


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